Pdt. Krishnarao Tendulkar

Pdt. Krishnarao Tendulkar was born at 1896 in Maharashtra. He has completed his courses in 1916 in Shorthand, type writing and book beeping in commerce. He has worked as Shorthand-Typist in different Companies such as P. & 0. A. F. Fergusson & Co. Metropolitan Vickers, Standard Oil Co., of New York Etc.

From his childhood he has started taking part in Public concerts. In 1911 he commenced taking lessons in Classical Music from Pandit Anant Manohar Joshi and then joined Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya Bombay.

In 1920, Panditji has established a music school named ‘Shree Krishna Vidhyalaya’ at Dadar. With the help of Bombay Municipality he has also done many music concerts in different gardens of Maharashtra for the benefit of masses. He was also the member of first group which was ON AIR by government of india & eastern agency Bombay.

The branch of Shri Krishna Vidyalaya was opened In Girgaum at 1930. He has also started Prachar Sabhas at Ilipparge (Nizam) Jalgaon (K.handesh) and Akot (Wardha). Post 4 years, another branch of the vidhyalaya was started at Vile Parle, Bombay.

In order to spread music in Gujarat, he has joined C.N. Vidhyalaya in 1937. He was the member of one of the first group ON AIR in Ahmedabad. After serving music for 7 years in Ahmedabad he has Arya Kanya Gurukul, Porbandar to spread the music in Saurashtra. He has also established a branch of ‘Shree Krishna Vidhyalaya’ in Porbandar.

He has toured the whole of East Africa and performed music concerts in Theatres and public places in all the big cities and towns, such as, Mombasa, Nairobi, Dare-salam, Zanzibar etc. In 1954, He has established a central branch in Ahmedabad.

Sahil Parmar

Gujarat Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya has given us a lot of music as well. Need luck to attend such class. Got a lot of things to learn in short time. Thank you so much guruji..

Sahil Parmar / student
Dhruv Joshi
I am so blessed and grateful to have taken classes with Rajan Sukla Sir. He is truly masters at music and teaching music. I am so grateful to learn the Art of Music from him. Highly recommended
Dhruv Joshi / student
Parth Vaghela
Best place to learn Indian classical music as you get to learn vocal as well as all the classical instruments whether its a rhythmic or string or wind instrument. Quality at its best. . .always.
Parth Vaghela / student

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