Pdt. Bindu Madhav Tendulkar

Shree Bindumadhav Krishnarao Tendulkar was born on 8th Nov 1926 in Maharashtra. His father Krishnarao Tendulakar was settled in Mumbai for his profession. Due to his interest in music he has taken training under Pandit Anant Manohar Joshi. Pandit Anant Manohar Joshi was Vocalist of Gwalior Gharana and because of that his singing is being known as Gwalior Gharana.

Home’s musical environment attracted Shree Bindumadhav Tendulkar in music. He has taken his first training from his father and later on his uncle Shree Mangeshrao Tendulkar who was the famous Violinist and Harmonium Player at that time. And this is how he was very much attracted and enlightened by music. Shree Bindumadhav has B.A degree (Visharad) and M.A (Alankar) from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalaya. He is also B.Ed. in music.

In 1945, Shree Bindumadhav has successfully handled Bharatiya Vrundgan programme of Grand Physical Cultural Exhibition of Sir John Kavas in Jahangir Hall, Bombay. And because of this incident Sir John Kavas has gifted violin to Shree Bindumadhav which was being prepared in Italy. This was very memorable experience and because of that he got fame in Bombay. And due to this fame he got invitation from All India Radio (Bombay) and from then he has started to play violin in radio.

He and his father was famous in music in Gujarat. In that situation Shree Bindumadhav was invited by Sheth Shree Nanji Kalidas and he was given opportunity to establish Shree Krishna Vidhyalaya in Porbandar and same was being managed by him. Later on due to inspiration on Shree Nanji Kalidas Shree Bindumadhav’s first Africa tour got arranged. His father was also with him at that moment. He has done many successful music event as a Violinist in couple of big cities on Africa like Mombasa, Nairobi, Kampala, Janjibar and Doreslam. And due to that violin play has become the integral part of his life.

He was selected as a Staff Artist of All India Radio Ahmedabad in 1949. During this period he has done accompaniment of violin with many reputed and well-known artists like Prof. B.R.Devdhar, Mrs. Manek Varma, Mrs. Sarasvati Rane, Mrs. Padma Shaligram, Pdt. Dilipchandra Vedi, Sharaphat Hussain Khan, Khadim Hussain Khan etc. and shown his class.

He was also connected with Saurastra’s Rastriya Shala Mahavidhyalaya of Rajkot which values thoughts of Shree Mahatma Gandhi and due to that his fame got increased in Saurastra. He has given programs in Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Vankaner, Morbi, Porbandar, Junagath, Jamnagar etc. and done accompaniment of violin with Pdt. Datatreya Paluskar and Pdt. Eknath Pargovkarji

After experience of couple of years once his father thought to share knowledge of music in Gujarat and then Gujarat Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya was established in Gujarat. This institute was inaugurated by well-known and famous poet Jinabhai Desai (Snehrashmi).

Bindumadhavji has worked successfully as a Music Teacher in Vishvabharti Girls High School and C.S. Sarasvatikunj’s Navchetan Highschool in kathvada. He has also given training of music to Saints of Shahibaug’s Akshar purusottam Swaminarayan temple. During this period he has also created cassatas of songs and bhajans composed by him which was demanded in foreign as well.

His main programmes were:

  1. Indogerman Culture Centre Programme
  2. Program of Surat given on death anniversary of Pdt. Omkarnath Thakur
  3. Paschhim Bharat Ke Kalakar (Gujarat, Madhyapradesh, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Kanataka) in which solo program was done with violin.

Thus he has given his whole life for music’s exercitation. As he was in profession of a music teacher, he realized that there should be a book of music for the students so he published ‘Sangeet Parichaya – Part – 1’ book. This book was very much got famous. And at last we can say that Music means Shree Bindumadhav and Shree Bindumadhav means Music. Both complement each other.

Sahil Parmar

Gujarat Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya has given us a lot of music as well. Need luck to attend such class. Got a lot of things to learn in short time. Thank you so much guruji..

Sahil Parmar / student
Dhruv Joshi
I am so blessed and grateful to have taken classes with Rajan Sukla Sir. He is truly masters at music and teaching music. I am so grateful to learn the Art of Music from him. Highly recommended
Dhruv Joshi / student
Parth Vaghela
Best place to learn Indian classical music as you get to learn vocal as well as all the classical instruments whether its a rhythmic or string or wind instrument. Quality at its best. . .always.
Parth Vaghela / student

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